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Tai Chi Youth LOGO
Tai Chi Youth nonprofit organization
founded 1996 by Master Zhen Shen-Lang.

Belt Tests - Belt Ranks
of Tai Chi Kids

Tai Chi Kids programs utilize the TAI CHI YOUTH Belt Rank System:


What We Do at Tai Chi Kids

What we do is what we are learning.

At our age, we're supposed to be learning. When we get older we'll be teaching.

Our TAI CHI KID SLOGAN is, "I want to improve."


We start each class with 2 respectful bows:

     FIRST BOW : "Bow to the Past Master"
          This is our way of showing appreciation for all the Tai Chi and Kung Fu we are learning. For 1,000 years a Tai Chi Master had to teach many many students before one student would become a DISCIPLE and then develop into a SHIFU (instructor).

      SECOND BOW: "Bow to the Shifu"
         This is our way of showing the same appreciation and respect for our current Shifu leading the Tai Chi Kids class.

Then we do stretching. A standing Yoga.

Then we do kicking and punching exercises. All the exercises are detailed in our Buddha Kung Fu Student Manual. This book also includes "Report Cards" that can be used to track progress and improve results.

We all take our water break at the same time together after we finish our kicking and punching exercises. Buddha Zhen reminds us: "10 swallows = a drink of water."

The second half of our class is learning the Tai Chi Form and Beginner Kung Fu Forms that also enhance our Tai Chi balance and abilities.

If we finish our exercises, and everyone in the class has shown a good attitude -- we get to play KUNG FU GAMES invented by Buddha Zhen.

EVERY CLASS ENDS WITH TWO BOWS: (Same as the first two bows.)

Then WE CLAP and leave the class with good manners so that the next class can start on time.

BEFORE THE NEXT CLASS, all Tai Chi Kids students should be practicing their Tai Chi and Kung Fu EVERY DAY so we are ready for our next lesson. It also makes our school look better if people see us practicing our Tai Chi and Kung Fu, instead of just standing around talking to each other.

As we all know, we enjoy doing things that we are good at. So each of us Tai Chi Kids WORK HARD TO GET GOOD at our Tai Chi, so we can have more fun with it.

It looks really cool when we all do a good job together.

I realize my part, that in doing a good job, others are inspired to do a good job also.

Dragonblood Chop of Buddha Zhen

YMCA Classes of Shaolin Chi Mantis

Currently, the TAI CHI KIDS PROGRAM is being offered at the VHY YMCA of Tujunga, California.

Current class schedule at

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