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Healing Powers of the Chi Force
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Healing Powers of the Chi Force

Little ZhenAs we mentioned on the "Death Touch" page, the body is connected by lots of electric wires. When the mind sends messages (phone calls) to various parts of the body it sends more than a message, it also sends an 'attitude.'This 'attitude' determines what the FLAVOR OF YOUR ENERGY is.

When you say, "Hello," you can say it happy, sad, or even unhappy.It's the same word, "hello," but the 'flavor' we give it changes its' meaning and how it affects other people. We do this to ourselves also. If we are unhappy, we flavor our messages with unhappiness and send this unhappiness all through our body. Or, if we are happy, we flavor our body messages with happiness and send this happy qi "chi" energy all through our body.

I've been teaching Tai Chi a long time and I've been watching people for 52 years (that's how old I am right now). I've watched my friends from elementary school grow into adults. What have I noticed? People who smile have more energy and look better as they grow older. The unhappy people get more wrinkles on their face, their mouths droop down permanently, and they are ALWAYS TIRED.

zhen familySO, be happy. You'll look prettier (or handsomer -- if that's a word) and you'll be healthier. I've seen a lot of people blame their illnesses and even cancer on "stress." Everyone has stress. Bad things happen to everyone. But happy people can get rid of that stress better and faster, because it doesn't blend with their happy energy. Unhappy people HOLD THEIR STESS INSIDE without even knowing that it's there because there's already lots of bad energy in them. They get used to it. But it still makes them sick more and tired more.

So what is "healing energy?" HEALING ENERGY = GOOD ENERGY. When some unhappy touches you, it makes you feel creepy or unhappy. When a happy person touches you, it makes you smile. Tai Chi teaches each of us how to control our energy better so that we can be happy as much as possible. Tai Chi teaches us how to get rid of bad energy when we have it inside our bodies -- even when we aren't aware there's bad energy in us.

Do Tai Chi. Be Happy. Yeah. That's the ticket!

Buddha Zhen Shen-Lang
Chop of Master Zhen 1994


Buddha Zhen, Energetic Healer


Zhen in TujungaAs a Tai Chi Master, I have healing energies and healing abilities.

As a Shaolin Kung Fu Master, I have healing energies and healing abilities.

As a Zen Buddhist Master, I have healing energies and healing abilities.

In all cases, I heal with energy. A little of my energy, but mostly the patient's energy.

I teach people to gain control of their body, to gain control of their mind.

I teach people to gain control of their mind, to gain control of their spirit.

When I'm done healing someone, they don't need me anymore. Rather than put a bandaid on their suffering, I cure it. I find the source of their problem and fix it. I heal the body and mind together for a complete cure.Dragonblood Chop of Buddha Zhen


Healing Yourself with Chi

Zhen Shen-Long at Comics UtahBy mastering the Tai Chi Form of Shaolin Chi Mantis, as taught in our Buddha Kung Fu, Tai Chi Youth, and Tai Chi Kids classes; any person can heal their own self.

By mastering the Tai Chi Form, you master your energy flow. When you have mastered your energy flow, you are in greater control of your health than most people can even imagine possible.

Tai Chi Masters are supernatural, because what is natural for us, is supernatural to anyone else.

Dragonblood Chop of Buddha Zhen
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