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Cosmic Energy of the Tai Chi Universe
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Tai Chi Youth nonprofit organization
founded 1996 by Master Zhen Shen-Lang.

Cosmic Energy
of the Tai Chi Universe

apollo 17There's a lot of energy coming from the sky.

The energy of the sun warms our planet and provides the energy needed for plants and animals to survive.

Other suns and planets give off energy also.

Like rain, we can block it or ignore it -- but it's still there.

So let's use this energy.

Let's learn to absorb it and feel good and healthy.

Follow your parent's instructions about sunblock, or wearing hats to prevent sunburns.

Too much energy is like too much heat -- it will burn you.

"But I can't see cosmic energy."

Actually you can. The sun emits so much energy that it lights up our planet.

Invisible energy can be measured also.

Radiation from uranium/plutonium used to make atomic bombs may be invisible, but you can easily measure it with a Geiger counter.

heavenThis radiation is bad energy.

That's why it is important to feel and recognize GOOD ENERGY. So that you can also identify and get away from BAD ENERGY.

"I know some people that are bad energy."

Yes, me too. And I recommend you stay farther away from them so that they don't pollute you with their bad radiation.

"Is there cosmic energy at night?"

You bet. Lots of it. Many stars and suns out there give off energy also. It's an ocean of energy above us.

Dragonblood Chop of Buddha Zhen



Breathe the Cosmos

Zhen and ZhenThe air is full of energy. The air is full of life.

Sometimes energy is good. Sometimes energy is bad.

Sometimes the life we breathe, is germs--not healthy.

Every moment is a chance to breathe some fresh air, or...

Dragonblood Chop of Buddha Zhen


Spine Towards Heaven

Cranes in TujungaThe Chinese Daoists believe that humans are more evolved because our spine points vertical, towards Heaven.

This union between Heaven and Earth, makes us radio antennae of God. The spiritual energies of the cosmos are received by our antenna and also emenated back to God because we are aimed directly at him.

Dragonblood Chop of Buddha Zhen


Buddha Zhen Shen-Lang


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