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Historical Chi Energy Tales
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Tai Chi Youth nonprofit organization
founded 1996 by Master Zhen Shen-Lang.

Historical Chi Energy Tales

One of my favorite tales is about a young boy who trained at the Shaolin Monastery to learn Kung Fu.

His father proudly sent him off the Shaolin Monastery where he lived for an entire year before coming home.

When he returned for a family event, his father asked him to, "Show us some of the great Kung Fu you've learned at the Shaolin Temple."

The boy hung his head low and replied, "I haven't learned anything."

The father was shocked and stated, "That's impossible. Shaolin Kung Fu is the best Kung Fu in the world. You've been there one year and haven't learned anything?"

Tujunga Tai ChiThe boy, still keeping his head hung low with disappointment stated, "They won't teach me Kung Fu father. I've attended all the Buddhism classes, work hard at my chores, do my homework, but they still won't teach me any Kung Fu."

"I don't believe this!" stated the father. "They must have taught you something!"

"No father. Every day my Shifu has me stand in front of this barrel of water." The boy was sitting in front of a small table. "For an hour a day, I just slap the water until most of it is all over the floor, and all over me. That's all I get to do." The boy raised up his hand in frustration, "I just slap the water like this!" POW!!!

Every relative and every guest stood in amazement at the table, now crushed and broken before them.

Even the boy was as shocked as everyone else.

The father commented, "It appears they taught you more than you realize."
Chop of Master Zhen 1996


Zhen Chi

Patriarch Sash PresentationI have been trained in many variations of energetic healing.

My personal style requires a balance of exercise, mental focus, and a little bit of my chi energy for guidance.

This manner of healing someone only works if they are able to follow my instructions. If the patient is a student of mine, my instructions will be easy to follow. Dragonblood Chop of Buddha Zhen


Daoist Monk Chi

Hug for RorySome of my friends and Kung Fu School Brothers are Daoists and Daoist Monks. They have taught me many things.

Primarily, I've come to see the Chinese Daoists as a mixture of the American Indian and the wizards of Europe. By combining these alchemists and nature lovers, we have a Daoist.

So, although I appreciate and utilize many of these energy flow concepts, I do not teach them in the same manner as the Daoists might. Partly, because I do try to remove as much of the, "hocus pocus," as Dr. Kam Yuen would refer to it.

I am a man of science, a Buddhist Scientist. So anything I teach, must be duplicated, like any scientific experiment.

Accordingly, what I teach works--and I can explain why -- scientifically.Dragonblood Chop of Buddha Zhen

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