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Tales from the Dark Side
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Tales from the Dark Side

Energy flows from hand to handThe body runs by electricity.

When your brain wants a finger to move, it sends an electric message to your finger telling it to "move."

If you have a chordless phone in your house, you can send messages from your phone, without a chord or wire, to your phone's receiver, then it travels down wires to the other person's house.

So, these electric signals from your brain are like phone calls to your finger.

If you injure your right arm, this can cause it swell up and hurt. This "hurt" pain is a bunch of phone calls from your arm to your brain saying, "Hey! I'm hurting down here!"

If it hurts a lot, then it sends a lot of phone calls to your brain.

These phone calls make it hard for other messages from your brain to get to your finger.

In Tai Chi, there is an ancient technique called, "Dim Mak."

Parting the horses maneThe Chinese words, "Dim Mak," translate to, "Death Touch," in English.

This refers to injuring someone in just the right place so that their electric wires in their body are blocked off. Some spots carry a lot of electric messages and by blocking them the person can get sick or weaker.

We don't practice or teach Dim Mak in Tai Chi Kids, but it is important to understand because sometimes we get accidental injuries that cause other injuries and these are similar to Dim Mak.

If you do get an injury in your left shoulder, you might notice that your left arm is also hurting and "throbbing" with pain. This is because your shoulder injury is blocking the qi "chi" energy and now your arm is unhappy.

Our whole body is wired together so let's have happy bodies by having happy electric wires everywhere.

Dragonblood Chop of Buddha Zhen


Dark Chi and Illness

Buddha Kung Fu Demo Team
When you are happy and healthy, your energy flows freely and easily.

When you are sad and sick, your energy feels weak and cold and sluggish and tired...

Dark chi = sickness. We don't want it.

Bright chi = health. We will strive for it every day.

When you are sick, you don't want to move or exercise. But that may be the best cure. Don't give in to the evil. Be strong, Get up. If you don't have a fever, and you aren't dizzy, then exercise may help you recover faster.

Think of yourself as a little pond or swimming pool. We need to flush you out to clean your water, so start moving.

And of course, drink lots of water. If you aren't needing to use the bathroom once an hour, you aren't drinking enough water. Dragonblood Chop of Buddha Zhen


Seek the Light and Seek Better Health

Buddha Zhen at ParadeSickness = darkness.

Health = sunlight.

Go outside. Get some sunshine.

Despite what they say, our bodies need sunlight in order to process certain vitamins and have healthy skin.

Some people are more sensitive to sunlight and sunburn more easily. It is up to each person to discover and decide how much sun they can take, and how much sun they need. Just make sure to get a little bit, preferably every day.

Dragon blood chop of Buddha ZhenBuddha Zhen Shen-Lang

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